TAP Growth Group Launches to Provide Experience-based Consulting

1 May 2017 - Seattle - A group of proven, successful networking executives have come together to form the TAP Growth Group, an experienced based consulting company designed to guide and grow start-up through mid-size technologies companies.With decades of executive, operational and strategic business experience, the founding partners of the TAP Growth Group have pooled their collective talents to help companies stay ahead of the technology curve.

"We founded the TAP Growth Group to fill a gap in the market.  There are lots of companies with good ideas that can benefit from the breadth and depth of experience that our partners earned," said Robert Azzi, TAP Growth Group managing director, and founding partner.  "We can help companies tap into what matters most - and build from collective years of experiences the group brings."

The founders of the TAP Growth Group are:

  • Robert "Bob" Azzi
  • Rick Applegate
  • Steve Elfman
  • Greg Greco
  • Kevin Packingham
  • David Heard

The Group's practice areas include:

  • Product Portfolio Planning
  • Strategic Business Transformation
  • Investment Services
  • Go-to-market Plans
  • Operational Improvement
  • Professional Services
  • Driving Growth

Feel free to reach out to any of the founders to discuss your current business challenges.  

Becca Borgh